It all starts at home.

Strong families are the backbone of our community. At this moment in time, our politicians have forgotten about a part of society that can be called the “working homeless.” So many of our families are one paycheck away from being homeless. I believe our priority should be on providing housing for families in or near homelessness. I believe in giving a hand-up, not handouts. When in Olympia, I will fight to direct support to those willing to work to improve themselves and their families. Because a child who doesn’t have to worry about where they will sleep, or when their next meal will be, can focus on the little things, like being a child and their education. Strong families equal strong communities.

My Plan

Financial Relief  

Work to help relieve stress related to financial burdens via tax breaks by supporting 

  • I-1475 Trim Sales Tax 1%
  • I-1508 Cut State Gas Tax By 24.7 Cents
  • I-1509 Property Tax $250K Exemption

Economic Development

Attract business and economic development to create family wage jobs with relaxed permitting requirements and tax incentives.

Health & Wellness Care

Lower the barrier to mental health, marriage counseling, and childcare.


Prioritized affordable housing options for first time home buyers by changing development and permitting requirements.

How you can help.

You can help local families by becoming engaged. Below are links to initiatives that you can support by going to the page, reading up on the initiative, and finding a location to sign the petitions.  

Trim the Sales Tax 1%– Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would reduce the state retail sales and use tax rates from 6.5 percent to 5.5 percent

 Cut State Gas Tax By 24.7 Cents — Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would reduce the fuel licensee tax rate by 24.7 cents per gallon.

 Property Tax $250K Exemption — Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would exempt $250,000 of valuation for each real property parcel from state property taxes levied for support of common schools in 2024.

 Repeal the Capital Gains Tax — Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would prohibit the state, counties, cities, and port districts from imposing or collecting taxes it describes as “based on an individual’s personal income,” construed broadly.