“schools exist for the education of children. Schools do not exist to provide iron-clad jobs for teachers, billions of dollars in union dues
for teachers unions, monopolies for educational bureaucracies, a guaranteed market [graduates of] teachers colleges, or a captive audience for indoctrinators.”

Thomas Sowell


What does a quality education look like?

We have all been told that a quality education is key to a successful life. But what does a quality education look like? It is probably easiest to see what it doesn’t look like.  If you review the Federal Way School District report card, you will come away with at least two major questions;

  • How do you have an 86% graduation rate, when only 63% of the students attend school regularly. 
  • Why are 68% of our students failing to meet English and Science standards and 84% fail to meet Math standards

Looking at the attempts by various groups to resolve these problems highlights the fact that parents need to be engaged in the education of their children.

For decades, we have listened to politicians talk about how it’s all about the children when it comes to the ever-increasing cost of education, but why don’t we see improving results then. Why does it feel like it ends up being more about power and money for the unions and administration.

If you as a parent don’t believe you child is getting the level of education they deserve, then you should have the right to find it for them, and your tax-dollars should go with your child.  

What if you don’t feel your child is being provided a quality education, shouldn’t parents have a choice in the school their child attends.  

These are some of the reasons I wish to bring back the concept of parents’ choice regarding education – from the books children read, the sex education they receive, and the school they attend. It’s your child and your tax dollars; why shouldn’t you have more say.  

Olympia needs to know that parents are the real stockholders in their children’s education and futures.

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My Plan

Real Stakeholders

I will help educate those in Olympia that parents are the real stakeholders in their children’s education and futures, by requesting it be put in RCW28A – Common School Provisions.

Support Parent Choice

  • Help provide parents with financial help by supporting bills like:
  • House Bill 1633 would provide a $10,000 per-child scholarship to every family that wants one.   
  • Senate Bill 5205 would provide families, on request, a $9,000 per-child voucher to attend any accredited school.   
  • House Bill 1215 would promote equity by offering families $7,000 per child for school expenses, with 25 percent of funds reserved for special needs, foster and low-income children.   
  • Hosue Bill 1555 would allow families to request up to $6,250 a year to meet educational expenses if their assigned public school is not meeting their child’s learning needs

How you can help.

You can help empower students and parents decisions by knowing what is being taught in our schools. Below are links to initiatives that you can support by going to the page, reading up on the initiative, and finding a location to sign the petitions.

Curriculum Transparency –Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would require public education providers to make available online, publicly-available materials and activities used for student instruction or staff training.